Do you want to concentrate on your daily business and at the same time successfully comply with every statutory accounting rule and regulation in Germany from the outset? Did you know that in Germany your new German corporation is under a legal obligation to submit VAT advance returns to the local tax office every month? Did you know that German tax offices accept only accounts from Germany? Did you know that your new company´s annual balance sheets are published in the electronic Bundesanzeiger? Isensee International offers to be your English-speaking accounts department with offices in Munich and Hamburg. Choose this component from our programme and you will have a committed accounting team at your disposal. We work with the very latest IT systems and can do the accounts and all analyses for you in English. As simple as at home! You will be charged according to the extent of the accounting work. We prepare annual accounts in accordance with the legal standards so that they can be presented to banks, the tax office, the Bundesanzeiger [Federal Gazette] and other authorities without any problems or worries. This component likewise includes our offer to do your payroll accounting for your German employees. We operate offices in Munich Hamburg and Berlin.

Our German accounting services include the following:


We work with our clients who require bookkeeping support to identify suitable outsourcing or other solutions.

We actively manage the timing of the accounts production process to ensure that you meet your statutory responsibilities and through this information, take advantage of early tax planning opportunities. We also ensure there is the minimum delay between data delivery and you receiving your accounts.


Most businesses will agree that managing the payroll and understanding the ever-changing legislation that affects this standing function of your business is frustrating and time consuming. We can help with an outsourcing solution that will meet your quality and cost expectations. We take on payrolls from one domestic employees up to several hundreds employees.